10th Anniversary

Welcome to 2024, and Dress for Success Montreal’s 10th anniversary! Since opening our doors on rue St-Denis in 2014, we’re so proud to have had the privilege of supporting thousands of Montreal women on their journey to economic success. Ten years later, we are celebrating, honouring and acknowledging this milestone each month throughout the year, beginning with our first client honouree for 2024.

On the 10th of each month we will highlight, through beautiful photos, motivational stories and heart felt videos, one of our inspiring clients whom, having benefitted from the essential  services and programs we provide, have grown their careers, reaching multiple personal and professional goals along the way.  We could not be more excited and proud to share their accomplishments with you.

Our celebratory year will continue to be filled with highlights, past and present, programs, events and activities that clients, volunteers, partners and donors can participate in to make this milestone a very memorable one;  International Women’s Day, Women’s National History Month and, of course our annual campaign Give for Success, that will be launched at our 10th anniversary Gala on October 10, 2024. Hold the date!

Client Profiles

Showcasing Dress for Success Montreal clients over the years.


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Cheers to 10 years!


We are so looking forward to sharing this wonderful anniversary with you and celebrating a decade of supporting Montreal women. To our clients, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and supporters, know that Dress for Success Montréal could not have done it without you, TOGETHER on their journey to success!

Client Profiles

On the 10th of each month from January through October 2024, we will be highlighting one of our clients whom, having benefitted from the essential services and programs we provide, have grown their careers, reaching multiple personal and professional goals along the way.

Rocio Angula La Torre

We are so proud to introduce Rocio Angula la Torre, our first honouree of 2024. Rocio first walked through the doors of Dress for Success Montréal in 2019, two years after immigrating from Venezuela.  Here is her story.  Here is her video

“My experience with Dress for Success Montréal changed my life. In fact, I once gave my testimony at a conference of the Centre social d’aide aux immigrants, and I went there with the clothes you had given me with great pride and said so in my speech. It was a very moving moment.

I arrived in Montreal in November 2017, and since the end of 2019, I’ve been a single parent with two children aged 6 and 8. I work full-time at the Tribunal administratif du Québec as a paralegal and am studying at the Université de Montréal to obtain a certificate in law, which was required by the Barreau des avocats du Québec, in order to pass the revalidation exams for my law degree in the province of Quebec.”

Thank you, 
Rocio Angula La Torre

Régine Wandji

Meet Régine Wedji, our second client interviewed in honour of our tenth anniversary, talk about the importance of community support when moving house and wish us a happy birthday in her mother tongue.


Watch the full version of the interview, in which she explains how she first heard about Dress for Success Montréal, the obstacles she encountered, how Dress for Success Montréal supported her during this difficult time, the advice she gives to women in this situation and what self-confidence means to her, on our  YouTube channel. 

Carole Bilodeau

From the age of 16, Carole has looked after herself, from being a single teen to a single mother, always putting other’s needs before hers, until she decided in her mid-fifties, to change her career and her life. She went to school, obtained her Adjointe Juridique/Legal Assistant certification, and was preparing to interview for an internship with the Quebec Ministry of Justice. It was at this point that she went to Dress for Success.

Her appointment was for a suiting, and in her words the experience was transformative. Her confidence bloomed; she wore colour (for the first time!) and she felt fully supported. After the appointment she interviewed, got the internship, and since then has been promoted twice. She credits Dress for Success for helping her in her career transformation, and calls the organization her family.

We are so proud to welcome Carole to our Tenth Anniversary honourees! Carole, came to Dress For Success Montréal when she had a job interview and needed professional clothes. She had her suiting, landed the job, and is now an Adjointe Juridique/Legal Assistant! Listen to her story here.

Listen to her story here on our  YouTube channel. 

Fatma Mohamed

Introducing April’s client of the month,  Fatma Mohamed! Another wonderful women who has worked with Dress for Success. Back in 2018, Fatma immigrated from Algeria to Montreal. Her story began with us shortly after her arrival in Canada, where she has been able to develop her skills and find a good job.

Fatma expresses deep appreciation for the  support received from Dress for Success. The organization provided her with a beautiful wardrobe, makeup, and accessories which has not only enhanced her confidence but also bolstered her self-esteem significantly. She emphasizes the importance of personal presentation, noting that it extends beyond a CV.

Fatma credits Dress for Success in assisting to achieve her desired employment opportunities. To learn more about Fatma, click the link to her interview!

Monique Lapierre and her daughter Maude

Mother and daughter, Monique and Maude, are two inspiring women who have benefited from the services of Dress for Success Montreal. Monique returned to the job market after a 10 year-break, while Maude wanted to improve her professional wardrobe to better thrive in her work environment. 

In 2018, Monique was about to finish an internship when she heard about DFS while overhearing a conversation at the Quartier de l’emploi. Initially skeptical, she didn’t believe that an organization could provide professional clothing to women in need for free. However, after registering and making an appointment, she was impressed by the quality of the clothing and the help from the volunteer stylists. Maude, on her side, joined DFS after hearing about the organization through her mother and she found the experience enriching and encouraging. 

Monique and Maude both had to step out of their comfort zones. Monique dared to try new styles suggested by the stylists, while Maude found suitable professional clothing that she genuinely liked. Together, they tackled these challenges with courage and determination.  

We are very proud to share the inspiring stories of Monique and Maude, two women who have demonstrated the importance of self-confidence and self-esteem in the process of reintegration and fulfillment at work.  

Listen to the full interview on our YouTube channel. 

Elena Pavlova

Elena Pavlova, our honored client for the month of June, is a dynamic entrepreneur specializing in beekeeping and honey production. Originally from Bulgaria, she has distinguished herself as a female entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. 

Elena participated in the Let’s Start Up Program by the Lise Watier Foundation, a professional development program. During a collaboration between Dress for Success and the Lise Watier Foundation, a group visited the Montreal branch where she met Isabelle, the volunteer stylist in charge of her case. Isabelle was attentive to her needs and carefully selected the best outfits for her, showing kindness and support. 

Working in a traditionally male-dominated and intergenerational field, Elena had to overcome intercultural and linguistic differences as an immigrant. She also had to balance work and family life, being a mother of two young children, one of whom is disabled. Until the end of 2021, she worked on-site, which involved long daily commutes.

Yulia Vetenko​

Meet Yulia Vetenko, our featured client for the month of July, interviewed on the occasion of our tenth anniversary. Originally from Ukraine, she arrived here a year and a half ago. Yulia considers her Dress for Success experience to have been very positive.

She heard about Dress for Success through a Ukrainian friend who had benefited from our services and was very pleased with them. After her first appointment, she already felt more confident, despite the fact that her main challenge was, and remains, the language. With the clothes from Dress for Success, she was able to complete her French language training while feeling beautiful and professional.

Yulia believes that the advice given by our volunteers has greatly helped her in her job search and her professional journey here.

In turn, Yulia encourages you to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Dress for Success.

Learn more about Yulia on our YouTube channel.


Join us along with Canada’s Got Talent & Golden Buzzer Winner, Jeanick Fournier, for an incredible evening celebrating our clients, our volunteers,  our leadership and your support. Let’s set the stage for the next 10 years!

Jeanick Fournier

There are some voices that are so powerful that they take your breath away the instant you first hear them. Québec’s Jeanick Fournier is one of those people.

Possessing an undeniable natural talent, the mother of two and former palliative care beneficiary attendant has drawn the attention of the nation by winning the second season of Canada’s Got Talent with grace, humility, and the voice of an angel. With a Golden Buzzer under her belt, and a thrilling career as one of Canada’s most exciting new voices underway, Jeanick attributes her success to her dedication and passion for her craft – but it must also be said that her voice is one of those rare forces that can grab you by the soul, and people gravitate towards her because of her authenticity, her generosity of spirit, and a certain magic that comes along once in a generation. Her self-titled album introduced her immense talent to the world, and she continues to impress international audiences with her forthcoming second studio album, Vivante, releasing on May 19 via Universal Music Canada.