La gestion de votre carrière

Comment vous démarer avec Elyse Parent Have you applied for several jobs? Now get ready to accept the perfect offer in just a few steps! I propose to share with you my experiences and research on the following questions:  How do

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The Written and Unwritten Rules of the Workplace

With today’s changing workplace, it’s vital to know how to navigate the written and implicit rules. Whether you realize it or not, every workplace has implicit rules. There are good habits to practice when joining a new organization. Join HR

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Financial Planning: Plan your future.

Part 1 of a series with Stacy Bensimhon, CIMA ®, CIM ®, FSCI ®, RIPC. Let’s learn and develop the skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. The main lessons to be learned from this course are as follows:

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