It starts
with the Suit

Dress for Success provides women, at no cost, with the professional clothes and accessories needed for job interviews. Once a job is secured, our clients can return to Dress for Success for a second suiting where they will receive a week’s worth of professional attire. All at no cost.

How does it work?

Job ready women have access to Dress for Success Montreal through one of our referral agency partners (community partners) or through our self-referral form.

Once a client, each woman has a one-on-one session with a volunteer personal stylist who helps them select their professional attire and provides support, encouragement and a boost of confidence as they prepare for their upcoming interviews.

After a client secures employment, they can return to Dress for Success for a second suiting appointment and receive a week’s worth of professional clothes.

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Professional Programs

Dress for Success... More than just a suit

Dress for Success offers programs for unemployed and underemployed women as well as women looking to enhance their skills and grow professionally.

Our job seeking programs include resume building, interview preparation, fianncial literacy, navigating social media, mentorship and personal and professional styling.

Working Women’s Group

Dress for Success Montreal is proud to offer its Professional Women’s Group (PWG)/Working Women’s Group (WWG) program in 2024. This dynamic program is targeted to persons over the age of 18, who identify as female and are searching for employment or are recently employed. This interactive and highly engaging program is for our clients, employed or in the process of securing work, where they will explore current topics in the workplace under the expert tutelage of Dress for Success Montreal’s facilitators/coaches in a safe and welcoming environment where learning is embraced, supported and celebrated. 

The goal is to bring about a tightly knit group of women exploring together, sharing experiences and facing and addressing common issues in the workplace. The Professional Women’s Group/Working Women’s Group is based on a blended-learning model, with some sessions online and some held in person, with in-class work and time for reflection and engagement at home. The contents of each PWG/WWG will be based around Dress for Success Montreal’s five Foundation Pillars, to ensure consistency of subjects, topics and themes across all cohorts. 

 While the program is completely free to participants, registration is by means of an application process. For more information, contact us  here.  

Employment Retention

Having completed the crucial first step—securing employment—women in these programs focus on retaining their jobs and developing their professional skills. Our goal is to ensure each woman is moving towards meaningful and sustainable careers as well as financial independence.

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