Welcome to Dress for Success MontrÉal’s 10th Anniversary!

Welcome to 2024, and Dress for Success Montreal’s 10th anniversary! Since opening our doors   on rue St-Denis in 2014, we’re so proud to have had the privilege of supporting thousands of Montreal women on their journey to economic success. Ten years later, we are celebrating, honouring and acknowledging this milestone each month throughout the year, beginning with our first client honouree for 2024.

On the 10th of each month we will highlight, through beautiful photos,  motivational stories and heart felt videos, one of our inspiring clients whom, having benefitted from the essential services and programs we provide, have grown their careers, reaching multiple personal and professional goals along the way.

We could not be more excited and proud to share their accomplishments with you.

Our celebratory year will continue to be filled with highlights, past and present, programs, events and activities that clients, volunteers, partners and donors can participate in to make this milestone a very memorable one;  International Women’s Day, Women’s National History Month and, of course our annual campaign Give for Success, that will be launched at our 10th anniversary Gala on October 10, 2024. Hold the date!

We are so looking forward to sharing this wonderful anniversary with you and celebrating a decade of supporting Montreal women. To our clients, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and supporters, know that Dress for Success Montréal could not have done it without you, TOGETHER on their journey to success!

Cheers to 10 years!

We are extremely excited to announce our new ambassador the Golden Buzzer Canada’s Got Talent winner and incredible human being.

There are some voices that are so powerful that they take your breath away the instant you first hear them. Québec’s Jeanick Fournier is one of those people. Possessing an undeniable natural talent, the mother of two and former palliative care beneficiary attendant has drawn the attention of the nation by winning the second season of Canada’s Got Talent with grace, humility, and the voice of an angel. With a Golden Buzzer under her belt, and a thrilling career as one of Canada’s most exciting new voices underway, Jeanick attributes her success to her dedication and passion for her craft – but it must also be said that her voice is one of those rare forces that can grab you by the soul, and people gravitate towards her because of her authenticity, her generosity of spirit, and a certain magic that comes along once in a generation. Her self-titled album introduced her immense talent to the world, and she continues to impress international audiences with her forthcoming second studio album, Vivante, releasing on May 19 via Universal Music Canada.

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